Protection of Data Privacy

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Data privacy

Declaration of data protection

Carl Schmidt Sohn GmbH collects stores and processes personal data solely in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions.

Personal data is only processed, stored and forwarded to the extent needed for the contractual purpose or your consent permits.

Carl Schmidt Sohn GmbH will not pass your personal data including your home address and e-mail address to a third party without your explicit consent for purposes of advertising as well as market and opinion research.

Carl Schmidt Sohn GmbH will not use your personal data for the purposes mentioned above.

Responsible party as defined in the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) is:

Information that has no direct relation to your person is automatically collected when visiting our website.

This is exclusively information which does not allow you to be identified.

This data is generated also with the access to any other web page on the Internet.

This includes information about the browser software you are using, which web pages you have visited before as well as the duration of your visit.

This information is only used anonymously, in order to improve the website to the benefit of the user.

In the event that a personal reference could be established, the data will be deleted.

Our web site uses "cookies" to assist your use of the site and improve the site generally.

“Cookies" are small files that enable us to store information related to your computer and you, the user, specifically, while you visit our website.

“Cookies” provide statistical data and help to improve the usability and the entire offering of the website.

As a user of this site you can choose to be asked whether or not “cookies” are used by selecting the respective option in your browser - or prohibit the storage of cookies altogether.

Carl Schmidt Sohn GmbH will inform you on request if any of your personal data has been stored.

The originator may revoke an agreement about storage and use of data at any time via mail to Carl Schmidt Sohn GmbH, Saarstr. 14-16, 42655 Solingen, or via e-mail to


Responsible data protection officer:

Alongside internal data protection controls, the legal stipulations of the protection controlling authority are there to help you enforce your rights.

In case of Carl Schmidt Sohn GmbH, the supervisory authority of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia is responsible.